About the Artists

Micha Peleg: I always had the need to explore, experience and find out more. I have completed my architecture studies, and I did some sketching, stone sculpting, wood carving and blacksmithing. But there was always something missing, until I found the world of ceramics and pottery. This is where I found home. And for me, finding home in art is connecting; connecting to the infinite fountain of creation, filled with new ideas. For me, this means wanting to be in a state of constant learning. Explore limits, step outside of limits, put aside all criticism and just dance with the material.

Atalya Peleg: The experience of creation has been in me since I learned how to use my own hands. I graduated from the Israel Museum studies of teaching art, and for 10 years I have practiced physical psychotherapy through art. I have engaged myself in various areas of art over the years, such as teaching, graphic design, settings, sketching, painting, and sculpting in different materials – from textile to metal. In recent years, I have extended my knowledge of clay, and we have a living dialogue between us. I feel its vitality under my fingers, as it is being born with the delight of existence. I am happy to share this feeling with everybody.

As a couple: We work together and separately, Micha on the potter's wheel and Atalya with her free hands and with various materials. Each work we make is created with great love.

Kibbutz Kalia, North of the Dead Sea micha: 054-4876329 atalya: 054-4876326 site by: adi linial